News about Solid state battery


In solid state iconology, solid state battery uses solid electrodes and solid electrolytes. Compared to traditionally lithium-ion polymer batteries, solid state batteries generally have a higher energy density which are ideal for UAVs because of their high power and weight.

We have a lot of experience with HV solid state battery application from model aircraft to drones with loads of more than 100 kg.

In the run-up to Christmas, we received feedback from our customers who applied 4pcs 66ah 14s solid state battery pack bought from ZYE in their eVTOL, and everything was going well.

The customer showed it’s a great practice and an amazing testing which will change the world soon. And he said that high specific energy Solid state battery from ZYE provided good power and endurance in this test program. Next time he will let us see more possibilities about applying to 66ah 14s and 44ah 14s solid state battery pack.

Video show: 

The Specification of High specific energy Solid state battery 66ah 14s battery pack:

 66000mah 6s12s18s24s can be customized.


Curve of discharge testing in normal temperature

Curve of low-temperature discharge testing

The Specification of Ultra-low temperature High energy density Solid state battery 44ah 12s battery pack:

 44000mah 6s14s18s24s can be customized.

 Curve of discharge testing in normal temperature

OEM/ODM can be acceptable, just contact us to know more details about Solid state battery. We are 24 hours online every day.

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