Solid state battery and lithium battery difference


1. Different energy density

Lithium ion electrolyte is liquid, in the form of gel, polymer, so that the weight of the battery is difficult to drop.

The overall structure of the solid-state battery is similar to that of the traditional lithium-ion battery, and the way of charging and discharging is much the same, but because there is no liquid, the battery is tighter inside, the volume is smaller, and the energy density is increased.

2, charging speed is different

Solid-state batteries charge faster than lithium-ion batteries.

3. Different life spans

Lithium-ion electrolytes corrode the battery's internal components, and the process of charging and discharging also creates dendrites, reducing the battery's capacity, performance, and life.

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Solid state batteries do not have corrosion problems and have a longer life.

4. Different thermal stability

Lithium-ion electrolytes are also flammable, unstable at high temperatures, have thermal runaway problems, and can lead to serious fires in the event of a car accident. Electrolytes also freeze easily at low temperatures, reducing battery life.

Solid-state batteries are thermally stable and do not freeze at low temperatures, which ensures the endurance of electric vehicles for users living in middle and high latitudes.

5. Different costs

Solid-state batteries are expensive and difficult to mass-produce.

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